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Member Benefits

When you join Shiny, you get access to our exclusive Discord. Here's what you'll find there:

Like-minded builders and creators

We're designers, devs, entrepreneurs and more. But we all crave learning, building and exploring the frontier of technology.

Channels for all your curiosities

We don’t do small talk. Whether you’re obsessed with DeFi, NFTs or single malt Scotch—you’ll find a channel to discuss it (and a hundred other things). Jump in to learn, contribute, get alpha or talk shop.

Members-only media & exclusive partnerships

Access the exclusive Shiny Podcast to discover the latest community news and get behind-the-scenes insights from guest experts. Some forms of membership also give you access to third-party software, NFT whitelists and other benefits.

Exclusive live sessions

Join weekly sessions with experts, builders and creators to connect with other members and learn from them live.

Fun, vibes and team spirit

Pursue your obsessions, share your wins and laugh off your losses with people who want the best for you. Learning shouldn't be a chore. Shiny makes it feel like play.

Zero judgment

We don't care about your "real" name, your background or where you're from. If you vibe with us, you vibe with us.

Unlock opportunities

Find ideas for your next project, learn a new skill or contribute to official Shiny projects. Connect with members to collaborate, find new gigs or build together.