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Member Projects
Here are some of the projects Shiny members have started:
  • Chubbicorns by @stringstory
  • Thirdweb by @catty
  • Punkscape by @jalil
  • Floor by @chrismaddern, @christine, @corwin, @curtisjcummings...
  • Supersea by @Sub
  • NiceJPEG by @jonathansnow
  • Moby by @Sokyu
  • Bildr Passes by @mark0 & @truedrew
  • Blergs by @tomjohn
  • Tronic Racing by @czero
  • Rareblocks by @DannyP
  • Tiny Winged Turtles by @tomhirst
  • Start with Magic by @bramk
  • Sunday Drip by @kallaway & @mitchell
  • Arkivists by @jaymac & @tomhirst
  • Citizens of Tajigen by @Dith
  • Pixel Doods by @Dith
  • Early Ones by @bramk & @DiLoco.eth
  • Creepztracker by @curtisjcummings
  • Degen University by @atareh
  • Milo bot by @Ncls
  • And many, many more!
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