The Shiny Magpie is a collectible and mascot of the Shiny Object Social Club. Each NFT represents utility within the Club.

Magpies are purveyors of Shiny Objects, those who hold a 1/1 MAG in their wallet get instant access into the super-secret sections of the Shiny Object Social Club in Discord.

1st Edition Mags - Supply 20

These Shiny Mags are the first-ever Mags designed and are numbered in the collection 1-20. You’ll notice that the design is slightly different from the more recent creations and also are mostly in the hands of people who have been here from day 1.

Also, these Mags provided the initial funding to get this place off the ground and will always have unique utility.

  • All 20 of these are unique 1/1's and grant full access to Shiny.

  • Mag 20 (Gold) also has an additional perk of a 100% discount on everything produced by us into the future.

2nd Edition Mags - 330 Supply (30 1/1s + 300 Editions)

These Shiny Mags are the latest design and were updated post Mag number 20!

At the time of writing, there are a number of different types of 2nd Edition Mags.

  • The 1/1's are numbered 21-40. There will be a total of 50 of these 1/1 Shiny Mags and will always be auctioned off to the highest bidder in a 24-hour auction on OpenSea.

  • These Mags also grant full access to the holder and are 2nd in the hierarchy.

There are Seven Second Edition Shiny Magpies (25 Each)

These were minted and sold at a lower price point of 0.1 ETH so that more folks can own a Shiny Mag and for that reason are high supply to hopefully not detract from the 1/1's.

These are Mirror, Holo, Rainbow, Purp, Bluu, Floss, Tang, and Camo MAGs.

There will be 4 more 25 Edition Mags released over time.

3rd Edition Mags

These Mags have yet to be released but will be a larger, more publicly available collection.

Having a Mag (or/and some Shiny Objects) will be the qualifying items for the pre-sale here.

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