Our Discord

Say hello in the Introductions channel

Greet everyone and introduce yourself in our 📑|introductions channel! Tell everyone why you’re here and what makes you excited. We don’t have a set template so just be creative. You can also drop your handle in the 💬|social-follows channel.

Learn how to navigate Discord

If it’s your first time navigating discord, click the links below. If not, jump into our channel guide! How to Use Discord: A Beginner's Guide and Discord Guide.

Channel Guide

This is a guide to the channels we have up in our discord:

  • First of all read 📑|start-here and 📑|get-onboarded

  • 📑|introductions introduce yourself to the community

  • 📑|official-links where all Shiny links live

  • 📑|shiny-bots-faq read about all our Shiny bots that you can use

News & Updates

  • 📣|announcements is an announcement channel to keep everyone updated on what's going on

  • 📣|events is an event channel for upcoming and newly posted live events

  • 📣|bounties for new quests to work on

  • 📣|podcast is where new episodes will be shared

  • 🎉|giveaways participate in many giveaways brought by Shiny collabs


  • 📢|recordings where all past events live

  • 📢|voice-chat a text channel to accompany the video + audio channels

  • 📢| voice where live voice events happen


  • 💬|gm say gm/ga/gn to your fellow shinies

  • 💬|general is for absolutely anything. Go here to chat, say hi or just hang out!

  • 💬|gratitude show your gratitude to other Shiny members

  • 💬|memes for memes only. Nothing else

  • 💬|resources share valuable content you find out there!

  • 💬|gigs find an interesting job while browsing the webs, pop it in here. Hiring? Here also

  • 💬|wins share your best achievements with the club

  • 💬|shameless-plugs whatever it is you want to promote, bang it in here! No shame!

  • 💬|social-follows share your socials and follow other shinies!

  • 💬|suggestions just ask what you want to exist in Shiny, members may build it...

Contribute Section

Where Shiny Members and MAG Holders coordinate to work on projects for Shiny Object Social Club. 🎯|get-your-role first and join your areas of interest:

  • 💄|front-end

  • 🍑|back-end

  • ✨|identity

  • 🤝|partnerships

  • 🗿|token

  • ♾|shiny-dao

  • 📝|content

  • You can also chat about everything Shiny in ✍|general and create 🗳|proposals to get funding for an initiative or project you want to work on

NFT Land

  • 💥|nfts-metaverse enter the NFT world and chat about anything here

  • 💥|solana share new projects and chat about the Solana ecosystem

  • 💥|fresh-nft-drops chat about newly discovered projects

  • 💥|dumpster-mints ask @Jac about it

  • 💥|other-chains talk about NFT projects on AVAX, Terra, Harmony,...

  • 💥|nft-fails to share your worst trades and decisions

  • 💥|market want to sell an NFT? Another member may be interested

  • 💥|share-projects only share links to cool projects you find

  • 💥|help want to ask a question about NFTs? Do it here without fear or shame!

  • 💥|show-me-your-art post your artistic creations here

  • 💥|tools share NFT tools you discovered

  • 💥|shill-corner want to shill an NFT project? Go ahead

Web3 Gaming

  • 🏹|general a place to talk about new and upcoming web3 gaming projects

  • 🏹|magic-treasurelol everything related to the $MAGIC ecosystem

Learn channels

Focus areas of interest. Links to tools, updates, news, sites, articles all live here. The place where all the Shiny Objects live. Learn about ⚡|daos ⚡|no-code ⚡|crypto ⚡|web3 ⚡|defi ⚡|crypto and much more!

Build Section

A place where Creators/Devs/Marketers share ideas and best practices about building an NFT project, recruiting team members, and pool resources. Only available for Shiny Members and MAG Holders

  • 🔨|build-general to chat about everything build-related

  • 🔨|live-build-sessions news of upcoming Build sessions, recordings of past sessions, reviews, suggestions, and requests

  • 🔨|dev-contracts Solidity, JS, Python, website dev, smart contracts

  • 🔨|art-creative show us your art and ask for feedback, let us listen to your music, share your latest creation, discuss the tools and software you use...

  • 🔨|web3-tokens-gamification web3 business models and strategies, tokenomics, token-gating, and gamification

  • 🔨|marketing sales, PR, social media, marketing, influencers - all the strategies and tactics to bring the customers

  • 🔨|wip-build-in-public to keep us informed about Work In Progress on your project or idea

  • 🔨|matchmaker requests or offers for collabs, products, or services from fellow Shiny members

Shiny Bots

In-house created bots to monitor sales, buys, and interesting projects and activity in the NFT world

  • 🤖|os-whale-buys and 🤖|os-whale-sales

  • 🤖|sales-activity and 🤖|mint-activity

Interests channels

Chat about certain topics. There's a wide range of topics like 🧬|lifestyle-hacks 🌱|homesteading 🏊|health-fitness 🔢|taxes 🖥|hardware and much more!

Local channels

Chat with your nearest shinies We have channels for several countries like 🌎|usa 🌎|spain 🌎|canada 🌎|india 🌎|netherlands and more. Let us know if you need one for you!

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