We're pumped to say that we've partnered with GM, LFG to bring access to its best-in-class NFT Portfolio Tracking app. One thing that is always tough to track is exactly how your purchases are performing especially when taking Fees and Gas into account across multiple collections. GM LFG makes it easy to see if you're winning or if you're down horrendously.

This is a first in a line of Web3 focussed products created by the Bildr team that provides a simple and visual overview of your NFT portfolio over time.

Here's some of the features that come with GM LFG.

  • Your entire history of erc721 transactions

  • Collection-first organization

  • Live trending indicators

  • True profit/loss - gas, fees, and royalties included

  • Stats by wallet, collection, and token

  • Track any wallet

  • Clear explanations on calculations

Here are the details of the partnership:

Access to GM,LFG

  • 30 days or lifetime access after the rarity based hold period is met

Pick up a feather on OpenSea here.


  • Glass unlocks GM,LFG immediately (lifetime access)

  • Iridescent after 15 days held (30 days access)

  • Gold after 30 days held (30 days access)

  • Copper after 45 days held (30 days access)

  • Metal after 60 days held (30 days access)

After the free period ends, continue your GM,LFG access by minting a holder pass here.

Finally here's what's coming up from Bildr:

Track erc1155 transactions 💯

This is a big one because anything minted through OpenSea is an erc1155. This is the top priority.

House Money ✨

Quickly see which collections have you playing with house money and what it would take to get the others there.

Manage multiple wallets 📖

Save multiple wallets, calculate totals across them, and automatically recognize transactions between them as transfers.

Collection Favouriting and Sorting ✅

Flexibility to control your views and save your preferences across sessions.

p2e Project Tracking 😏

Grouped collections and coins will make it easy to track your favorite p2e projects.

Badges of honor & pain 🏅 😩

Badges for your best trades, like a 100x flip, and your worst dumpster mints that dove straight to zero. Assigned directly from blockchain data and piled up into public leaderboards.

The NFT Market API 🦾

GM, LFG is organizing the NFT world's information into a set of APIs giving developers access to transaction history, aggregated and historical floor prices, and much more.

We look forward to bringing more access and partnerships to Shiny asset holders and this partnership with the team at Bildr will likely only grow over time.


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