What is the Shiny Object Social Club?

It’s your favorite productivity gurus worst nightmare. We’re a community of more than 700 creators, automators, and builders drinking from the firehose of products, trends, startups, and of course, shiny objects. Our focus will change, but we’re currently working on Web3 x NFTs x Crypto x Creators.

What is $SHINY?

$Shiny is an ERC-20 token that powers the Shiny Object Social Club. It is used to reward members, create a better member experience, and fund community efforts. The total supply is 15,000,000 and there is more information on CoinMarketCap and DexTools.

How do I buy $SHINY?

Check out the awesome video by Ozzy or go directly to Uniswap.

What are the membership tiers?

There are 3 ways to get access to Shiny:

  • MAG Holder. Purchasing a Shiny Mag. All MAGs grant full membership. 1/1 MAGs (#1 to #50) get early access, larger rewards, and royal treatment.

  • Shiny Member. Acquiring 250 $SHINY on Uniswap. This amount grants full membership and it's the fastest and easiest joining method.

  • Feather Owner. Purchasing a Shiny Feather. You'll get access to the Lite version of Shiny Discord. Perks for holders like Supersea and more coming soon. Feather rarity determines perk level, and it's the best way to try our community!

How do I get started?

You'll need to join our Discord first. Expect to drink from the firehose when you first join, it’s the Shiny way.

  1. Go to the #collabland-join channel and follow the steps to verify your membership.

  2. You’ll connect your wallet which will then verify that you hold the appropriate tokens. Introduce yourself in #introductions.

  3. Read the #get-onboarded and #channel-guide channels to better understand how Shiny is structured.

  4. Always use the #official-links for links to official resources.

We suggest that you browse the channels and pick a few that peak your interest. Hang in that space and get a feel of the conversations.

I'm in, how do I get more involved?

There are weekly community calls around specific topics. Check the #events channel for the schedule. You can click the check to get a reminder in your local timezone.

  • NFTuesdays - In this call, we focus on the latest NFT projects, what’s hot, and what’s not.

  • Build - We have a strong community around web3 project founders. This weekly call includes guests from Shiny and outside.

  • Community - Thursday is our community call day, where we catch you up on the latest happenings in Shiny community.

You can also do the following:

  • Chat in our channels - share what you learn, new NFT drops you’re excited about, ask questions, and help others.

  • Share useful content you find in the appropriate channels, or if not sure where to, drop them in the #resources channel.

  • Attend or organize meetups in your city.

  • Find ways to contribute to Shiny - more on that below. You can claim a role in the #get-your-role channel based on your skillset.

This feels like a constant stream. Can I get a summary?

We suggest that you read the Shiny Digest and listen to the podcast. Both of these resources give you an ongoing pulse of what’s going on. Check the #announcement and #podcast channel for the latest publications. You can also browse them in our Mirror publication.

Some advice, few people can truly keep up with everything. Instead, we recommend this. Pick a couple of channels in your core area of expertise, and pick a couple of channels outside of your comfort zone. Hang there for a while and over time, you get a pulse of what’s happening.

What’s up with Seasons?

Each phase of growth is bundled in the form of a season. Think of it as a tv show, where each season has a theme. In Season 1, the focus was on building the Foundation of Shiny Object Social Club. Season 2 is focused on Partnerships. You can read more about the focus of Season 1 here and about the focus of Season 2 here.

Why is everyone using different profile pictures than usual?

The crypto space is generally anonymous. It’s up to you whether you’re anonymous, yourself, or some hybrid in between. Most people eventually find the balance that works for them.

It’s late for me, Gm? You all speak another language and I don’t get it. Is there a translator?

Welcome to crypto frens. There’s a whole new language.

Gm = Good morning, it’s always good morning somewhere in the world. This is a recognition that we’re global.

NGMI = Not Going to Make It, someone that doesn’t have a growth mindset, the world is constant evolving.

Probably Nothing = Definitely something to pay attention to.

In general, most of the language used is sarcastic, in jest, and just about having fun.

I need help, what should I do?

Everyone here is generally really helpful. Just post a question on a main channel. Things go fast, so if your question doesn’t get answered, post it again. If needed, tag a mod (moderator).

In case you need help or more information about anything Shiny-related, go ahead and open a support ticket and you'll get a response in the next 24 hours.

Can I do xyz?

Shiny is for us. It’s driven by the community. If you’re passionate about something, just do it. Gain enough support from others, and if it needs funding, consider writing a proposal for funding. If you’re there, you’re already gonna make it. This FAQ is probably too basic for you.

How do I contribute to earn $Shiny?

There are many ways that you can contribute as a new member to Shiny!

1. Work on one of the available bounties on this board or register as a bounty hunter here.

2. You can put forward a proposal for the current season - video on how to do this here: Crafting The Perfect Proposal.

3. Help the Shiny community secure allowlist/whitelist spots for popular, quality NFT projects using this guide.

You can also contribute to Shiny by following us on social media & sharing about us with others builders, creators, or web3 explorers!

I think I've lost access to all channels. What should I do?

Please DM one of the mods (purple names at the top of Discord) or post in the lobby channel. You may also want to try self-service and re-verify with the Collab.Land bot. Don't stress, we'll be along shortly to help :)

Who’s behind Shiny?

Shiny was started by Tom Osman aka Ozzy and is now built by a small team of web3 enthusiasts.

I'm a beginner in the Web3 world, where's the best place to start?

  • Start reading the Weekly Shiny Digest that’s posted in the #announcements channel - there are a ton of curated gems there

  • Be active in channels - read, discuss, share what you learn and ask questions - no question is ever too silly and we are a friendly and helpful bunch!

  • Listen to the Shiny Podcast

What are these acronyms that you’re throwing around like NFA, DYOR etc?

  • NFA - Not Financial Advice

  • DYOR - Christian Dior’s clone. Nah, Do Your Own Research

Projects / Tokens shared by Shiny members are never to be construed as financial advice - always be vigilant and do your own research before purchasing anything.

How do I participate in giveaways?

The #giveaways channel is where all giveaways open to Shiny members will be hosted.

We highly recommend turning on notification settings to All messages for this channel

Examples of giveaways include:

  • NFT mint list opportunities

  • Early access to new web3 tools

  • MAG private sales

  • Free NFTs

If you’re interested in a giveaway item, please react to the giveaway bot, and await the randomized raffle draw. Winners will be tagged when the draw is complete and you'll need to wait for further instructions.

Where can I share my Twitter handle, and follow others?

In the #social-follows channel, you can drop your handle.

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