Welcome to Shiny!

Hey there and welcome to the Shiny Object Social Club!

This has been created as a way to immerse yourself in everything exciting happening in the world of:

  • Web3

  • NFTs

  • Crypto

  • DAOs

  • Automation

  • No-code

  • The Metaverse

  • Open Source

  • Technology

About Shiny Object Social Club

Be early to the next big thing.

Join 1000+ curious builders and creators in Shiny to discover the frontier of technology, commerce and culture.

There's too much noise

As technology accelerates, opportunities are skyrocketing for anyone curious and willing to learn. But the challenges are growing, too.

The internet is overwhelming

There's so much information to consume that most people do nothing.

Social media isolates us

Many consume, but don't connect. It's hard to keep going without a community to share wins, ask questions and vibe with.

Learning feels like work

If exploring technology stops being fun, something's wrong. The Shiny community filters signal from noise, connects you with curious builders and makes learning feel like play.

Hyperfocused on being unfocused

Shiny is as varied as your interests and as focused as your deep work. Anything new, exciting and promising probably has its own Shiny Discord channel—and ambitious Shiny members obsessed with it.

Ask questions about what you’re learning, answer them about what you know.

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