How to participate?

The #giveaways channel is where all giveaways open to Shiny members will be hosted.

We highly recommend turning on notification settings to All messages for this channel

Examples of giveaways include:

  • NFT mint list opportunities

  • Early access to new web3 tools

  • MAG private sales

  • Free NFTs

If youโ€™re interested in a giveaway item, please react to the giveaway bot, and await the randomized raffle draw. Winners will be tagged when the draw is complete and you would have to fill up a form within a specified period, usually 48 hours.

Past Giveaways

  • Premint Collector Pass

  • Shinsei Galverse

  • Citizens of Tajigen

  • Tennis Champs Genesis

  • Culture Cubs

  • Battlefly

  • Rubber Duck Bath Party

  • Starkade

  • Commsaur

  • Mendel

  • Tria Chromatica

  • Blergs


  • Ugly People

  • Candy Hunters

  • Lost Socks

  • Arkivists

  • Kamitribe

  • ...and many more!

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